Advocating Fair Pay & Equity in the Arts

FRANK Fair Artist Pay brings together public organisations, artists, commercial galleries, funding bodies and creative practitioners to work collaboratively on building fairer working practices in the arts.


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What does FRANK do?

FRANK Fair Artist Pay provides guidance and support to clarify the amount of labour, professionalism, and time invested in collaborations between artists and commissioning bodies*, and to provide transparency in the way collaborations are formed.  

Commissioning Bodies are public institutions, public councils, funding bodies, commercial enterprises, collectors and any other legal framework that engages artists to exhibit their works.


FRANK has developed a set of tools to help with fair remuneration of artistic labour, fair working conditions, and fair agreements. 

• FRANK Principles & Guidance

• FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator

• FRANK x CAL Pre-Contractual Review 

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FRANK Community

FRANK Community is composed of all members of FRANK, who are artists, and professionals from public art organisations, commercial galleries, and commissioning bodies, as well as independently working creative practitioners. 

FRANK Community takes part in member-only workshops and contributes to FRANK Forums, supporting FRANK to shape FRANK Tools and identify new areas to support development of fair practice in the UK’s arts ecology.


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Workshops & Forums

FRANK organises members-only workshops and FRANK Community Forums fostering a safe space for meaningful conversations, collaborative exchange of ideas, and collective action taking for fair practice.

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FRANK Resources

FRANK is invested in collective and collaborative growth of awareness on fair practice in the arts. FRANK Resources bring together a selection of reports, toolkits and podcasts from internationally active organisations and unions.

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FRANK’s team engages in public debates, presentations and conversations as well as publishes in art magazines and newspapers. FRANK is committed to keeping FRANK Community informed and encourages sharing public information across networks. 

FRANK News is distributed via the FRANK Newsletter and on the FRANK website. 

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FRANK Consultancy

FRANK offers consultation services to support organisations, funding bodies and commissioning agencies, helping them to reassess their current structures and methods of working with artists. FRANK provides holistic support to institutional practices and systems and structures, assisting organisations in building transparent and resilient frameworks of operation that ensures fair practice within and among the partners of the organisations. 

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FRANK builds Tools and Services in consultation with FRANK Community

FRANK Community plays a significant role in shaping FRANK’s advancement of FRANK Tools and services. In each stage of development, FRANK organises workshops that engage members in open and transparent conversation and critical feedback, of which inform FRANK’s output. 

2024 Membership

FRANK Membership is open to all artists, arts organisations, funding bodies, commercial galleries and creative practitioners that are based in the UK. to become a FRANK member.

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