FRANK Fair Artist Pay

FRANK Fair Artist Pay pioneers much needed change to fair practice and fair pay for artists in the UK through engaging with art organisations, funding bodies and commissioning agencies to reassess their current structures and methods in working with artists.

FRANK is creating a set of applicable solutions that holistically addresses fair remuneration of artistic labour, working conditions and fair contracts. FRANK collaborates with artists, art organisations, funding bodies and commissioning agencies to employ methods and structures that are responsive to our transitioning society, and prioritises inclusive and intersectional working. FRANK challenges hierarchical structures and works towards aligning the arts community to meaningfully engage to better fair practice in the arts.

FRANK is founded and cared for by artists Anne Hardy, Lindsay Seers and curator Fatos Ustek, and is assisted by Project Assistant, Celina Loh. As established practising artists and an active curator commissioning new work, FRANK directors aligned on the principle that unfair pay and unfair working conditions are no longer to be tolerated.

They initiated FRANK in June 2021 with founding members Camden Arts Centre, Canvas Art Law, Contemporary Art Society, The Tetley and Contemporary Visual Arts Network to holistically expand fair practice in the arts. In June 2022, FRANK established itself as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). FRANK’s logo and corporate identity is designed by Federation.

Whilst we build our website, please contact us with any queries at

Initiation Year (October 2022 - October 2023)

To achieve FRANK’s aims of systemic change in the conversation and practice around fair pay for artists, FRANK is enrolling supporters to collaborate with us on developing and realising our proposed solutions in the initiation year. 

For FRANK, we see a value in having a 12 month ‘initiation’ in place to foster strong collaborative relationships with our supporters, collaborators and members. We use the term ‘initiation’ as we see this stage as a process to have robust administration and organisational systems in place that can allow the creative components of the project –  the FRANK tools –  to expand and develop, influenced by ongoing evaluation and feedback by all involved.

Key outputs

These objectives and outputs will be achieved through a collaborative and intersectionality-based R&D, delivered by FRANK and our members.

1. FRANK Tools which includes:

    • FRANK Principles and Guidance. A set of principles and guidance for member organisations to align with, agreed with membership. 
    • FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator. Provide context-specific calculation of the amount of labour demanded from an artist including Administration, Planning, Research & Development, Delivery, Access Cost, etc. The calculator will enable a collective acknowledgement around the financial and systemic responsibility of hiring artists.
    • FRANK Document Templates. A set of transparent and accessible artist contracts templates that consider the different needs, livelihoods and labour of artists (in collaboration with Canvas Art Law).

2. FRANK Manifesto. Mission and Values which will be published on the website.

3. FRANK Community. Composed of artists, arts institutions, funding bodies and unions in the UK.

4. FRANK Website. Functions as a repository of resources and references alongside membership forums for needs and solutions around fair practices.

Join Us

We are inviting artists, arts organisations, funding bodies and commercial galleries to support FRANK’s initiation year. Your support will enable us to finalise the key outputs as stated above. 

After the initiation support year FRANK will run an annual membership scheme for public institutions, commercial galleries, trusts and foundations, and artists, giving access to the tools developed and supporting organisations in assessing their current practice and opportunities for change. FRANK’s membership charges vary on a sliding scale to respect the diverse resources of different art organisations.

Artists – £4
Young Galleries/Organisations (with annual turnover below £200k)  – £16
Public arts organisations – £256
Commercial Galleries – £512
Private Collectors – £1024

FRANKLY Generous Members

FRANK Fair Artist Pay CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Company that depends on the generosity of members of the Arts Community, patrons and businesses. You can help FRANK by becoming a FRANKLY Generous Member

FRANKLY Generous Member – £1024
FRANKLY Amazing Member – £2048
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FRANK Fair Artist Pay
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