In the current discourse around fair practice, FRANK recognises the pressing need for a shift in mindset within the arts ecosystem. 

Throughout 2023 and 2024, FRANK has been developing the FRANK tools with input from our members. This collaborative approach has been crucial to ensure the relevance of FRANK Tools across different organisational frameworks and the diverse creative practices.

As FRANK Members begin to use these tools, FRANK will continue to gather feedback to assess their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

Our research underscores prevalent issues in the industry including:

  • Lack of recognition of  artists as professionals, leading to underpayment or no payment
  • Lack of understanding on the amount of artistic labour that goes into a project
  • Lack of confidence/experience to negotiate better pay or working conditions 

FRANK Principles & Guidance are available for the public. To access FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator and  and FRANK X CAL Pre-Contractual Review, please login to the members page. Alternatively Join FRANK as a Member.

FRANK Principles & Guidance

FRANK provides a set of 7 principles that inform the foundations of fair practice in the arts. Each principle is accompanied by guidelines that unpacks steps to building a fairer practice. A set of guidance based on the seven core principles of fair practice in the arts: Fair Pay, Professional Recognition, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility, Inclusiveness, Equity, Conscientiousness.

FRANK Principles & Guidance supports  artists, and commissioning bodies (curators, art institutions, funding bodies, collectors, local councils, etc) in practising fairness and integrity when engages in a collaboration.

FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator​

A step-by-step calculator that determines the amount of labour-days required from an artist throughout a project’s various stages, including Invitation, Pre-production, Production, Installation & Deinstallation, Communications & Marketing, Shipping & Packing, Debrief and Admin.

It is suggested to compare the artist fee allowance with the result generated by the FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator, in order to assess the levels of fair remuneration for the work that is required. 

FRANK encourages open and honest conversations on the artist fees. The Tool is aimed to open up a frank conversation between all parties and encourages to explore ways to elevate the current circumstances.

FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator is designed to clearly outline the stages of artistic involvement in a project and aimed at creating a safe space for negotiating the financial and systemic responsibilities in hiring artists.

FRANK Artist Production Budget Template​

FRANK developed an artist production budget template to support artists in estimating the production budgets they may need for new commissions. 

FRANK x CAL Pre-Contractual Review​

FRANK worked in collaboration with founding-member Canvas Art Law (CAL) to develop the Pre-Contractual Review document. The Tool is composed of fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions and charts delegation of roles with the aim to bring clarity to any collaboration. The Tool complies with sections of UK contracts and all findings can be transferred easily to the contractual stage of a collaboration.

FRANK X CAL Pre-Contractual Review is designed as a  live document where the Artist and the Commissioner can record their agreements, respective obligations, timescales and critical deadlines, while allowing them to keep track of pending decisions.