Advocating for Fair Practice in the Arts

FRANK Fair Artist Pay brings together public organisations, artists, commercial galleries, funding bodies and creative practitioners to work collaboratively on building fairer working practices in the arts. 

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31 May 2024

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What does FRANK do?

FRANK Fair Artist Pay advocates for fair practice in the arts in the UK, that includes fair remuneration, fair working conditions, fair contracts and fair representation. 

FRANK provides guidance and support to the work relationship between artists and commissioning bodies, such as public institutions, local councils, funding bodies, commercial enterprises and collectors. FRANK Tools are designed to introduce transparency and honesty in temporary contractual agreements and provide clarity in the way collaborations are formed between artists and exhibitors/commissioners. Through members-only workshops, feedback sessions and members-only forums, FRANK builds a Community of joined interests in fair practice in the arts. 


FRANK has developed a set of tools to help with fair remuneration of artistic labour, fair working conditions and fair agreements. FRANK Tools consist of:

  • FRANK Principles & Guidance
  • FRANK Fair Pay Calculator
  • FRANK x CAL Pre-Contractual Review
  • FRANK x CAL Artwork Commission Agreement Checklist
  • FRANK Artist Production Budget Template

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FRANK Community

FRANK Community is composed of all members of FRANK, who are artists, and professionals from public art organisations, commercial galleries, and commissioning bodies, as well as independently working creative practitioners. 

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FRANK Forums

FRANK Workshops are online meetings that collate feedback on FRANK Tools, and facilitate an open discussion platform for all FRANK Members. FRANK Forums are new additions to FRANK’s Community, which will open up questions around fair practice to be discussed among FRANK Members.

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FRANK Resources

FRANK Resources brings together a selection of reports, toolkits and podcasts from internationally active organisations and unions working towards fair practice in the arts.


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FRANK NEWS collates FRANK team’s engagement in public debates, presentations and conversations as well as published articles in art magazines and newspapers. FRANK News is distributed via FRANK Newsletter and on FRANK website.

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FRANK Consultancy

FRANK provides holistic support to institutional practices, assisting them in building transparent and resilient frameworks of operation that ensures fair practice within and among the partners of the organisations.

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FRANK builds Tools and Services in consultation with FRANK Community​

FRANK Community plays a significant role in shaping FRANK’s advancement of FRANK Tools and services. In each stage of development, FRANK organises workshops that engage members in open and transparent conversation and critical feedback, that of which inform FRANK Tools.

2024 Memberships

FRANK Membership is open to all artists, arts organisations, funding bodies, commercial galleries and creative practitioners that are based in the UK. FRANK Members support FRANK with an annual fee that is tiered for each group of practitioners. 

Being set up as a membership organisation enables the FRANK team to work in a trusted environment, gather thorough feedback and provide brave spaces for continued discussion among the FRANK Community. 

FRANK members can access:

  • FRANK Tools
  • Attend member-only FRANK Workshops
  • Contribute to FRANK Forums
  • Use the FRANK Community site to post any related content
  • And support FRANK in identifying new areas of development for fair practice in the UK

FRANK Founding Members

FRANK has been supported from the early days of initiation by esteemed colleagues and their respective organisations. Fionnuala Rogers, Jon Sharples, Alexia Ogden from Canvas Art Law; Caroline Douglas from Contemporary Art Society; Martin Clark, Moya Malekin, Gina Blumenfeld, Kiera Blakey from Camden Art Center; Bryony Bond and Georgia Taylor Aguilar from Yorkshire Contemporary and Paula Orrell from Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) have been crucial in FRANK’s development. Jon Sharples, Kiera Blakey and Georgia Taylor Aguilar have moved onto different roles at different organisations, nevertheless stayed as strong supporters of FRANK.

Latest News

FRANK NEWS collates FRANK team’s engagement in public debates, presentations and conversations as well as published articles in art magazines and newspapers. 

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