FRANK Resources

FRANK Resources brings together a selection of reports, toolkits, books, films and conversations from internationally active organizations and unions working towards fair practice in the arts.



Fair Work

By LUX Scotland

Ima-Abasi Okon, Falke Pisano and Fatoş Üstek respond to five set questions on the subject of ‘Fair Work


Artists Deserve Better Pay – Here’s How to Change the Conversation

By Fatos Ustek on Art Review

Fatoş Üstek on why we must drop the fantasy of the lone ‘genius’ – doing so would open up a path towards healthier working conditions in the arts.



How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and Other Parents)

By Hettie Judah

Art critic and writer Hettie Judah, draws on interviews with artists to highlight some of the success stories that offer models for the future. From alternative support networks and residency models, to studio complexes with onsite childcare, and galleries with family-friendly policies.


The Art Institution of Tomorrow: Reinventing the model

By Fatos Ustek

The Art Institution of Tomorrow is a unique manifesto for raising the standard of institutional practices across the world. It suggests that existing art institutions are not equipped to deal with the radical social, economic and environmental change we are living through and engage with advancement in the arts, and that unless they re-focus on their core purpose and fundamentally transform their organisational structure and operational models, they will start to lose their relevance and influence.