Born out of a necessity to change the art system​

FRANK Fair Artist Pay is a not-for-profit community interest company that is set to change the mindset and conversation on fair practice in the arts, by providing applicable tools to build fair, transparent and equitable collaborations within the arts sector. With a strong commitment and dedication to build better futures, FRANK focusses on fair practice in the arts, specifically in the UK. With the necessity to expand the domain of inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and equity, FRANK underlines the specific role that economic parity plays in ensuring these principles that unite all public and private art institutions and funding bodies today.

FRANK fosters open, transparent discussions with our members, providing a safe guiding the development of adaptable fair frameworks and tools. FRANK delivers applicable tools and encourages FRANK Community to reassess their current procedures and structures when engaging with artists and institutions alike.

FRANK does not take sides, on the contrary FRANK sides with everyone who is part of the arts ecology in the UK with the aim to better the current practices of fairness. FRANK’s Tools are hence developed in keeping all parties in mind with an overarching goal of advocating for fair, transparent and equitable working relationships in the sector.

FRANK believes that, together we can drive UK’s art sector towards fair practice in the arts.

Who is FRANK Fair Artist Pay?

FRANK Fair Artist Pay was set up in June 2021 by artists Anne Hardy, Lindsay Seers and curator and writer Fatoş Üstek , joined by Celina Loh in March 2022 as Project Manager and Aisath Umama in March 2024 as Project Assistant. Mollie Barnes supported FRANK as Digital Communications Coordinator between March 2023 and March 2024.

From September 2023, Fatos Ustek assumed the Managing Director role, whereas Anne Hardy and Lindsay Seers acted as part of the Advisory Committee. Since April 2024, Anne Hardy continues her role as Advisory and Lindsay Seers supports FRANK as a Honorary Member.

FRANK Fair Artist Pay has five founding members, who have been crucial in providing support and insights from early on, namely Camden Arts Centre, Contemporary Art Society, The Tetley, Canvas Art Law and Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN). FRANK’s visual identity and assets are designed by Federation, a creative hub that lives with a 360-degree perspective on effective communication, including brand creation, advertising, branded space design and stationery design.

To date, FRANK is supported by annual memberships of artists, art institutions, creative practitioners and commercial galleries. At a crucial stage FRANK received philanthropic support from the Agency. Agency builds relationships between artists and philanthropists who share a common entrepreneurial spirit. 

Fatos Ustek

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Celina Loh

Project Manager

Anne Hardy

Co-Founder, Advisory Member

Lindsay Seers


FRANK Values


FRANK ensures a caring, supportive and accessible working environment


FRANK follows an open and honest approach in sharing goals and responsibilities.


FRANK listens and values contributions from all members of the FRANK Community, taking into account individual differences and views of all those involved.


FRANK embeds fair practice within and attends FRANK Community in alignment with FRANK Principles.


FRANK cultivates trust through accountable and responsible conduct.