Fair Practice is composed of fair remuneration, fair working conditions, fair contracts, and fair representation. In the current discourse around fair practice, FRANK recognises the pressing need for a shift in mindset within the arts ecosystem.

FRANK’s research underscores prevalent issues in the industry including:

  • Lack of recognition of artists as professionals, leading to underpayment or no payment
  • Lack of understanding on the amount of artistic labour that goes into a project
  • Lack of confidence/experience to negotiate better pay or working conditions

Throughout 2023 and 2024, FRANK has been developing FRANK Tools in conversation with and feedback from FRANK Members. This collaborative approach has been crucial to ensure the relevance of FRANK Tools across different organisational frameworks and the diverse creative practices. As FRANK Members begin to use FRANK tools, FRANK will continue to gather feedback to assess their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

FRANK Principles & Guidance

FRANK provides a set of seven principles that inform the foundations of fair practice in the arts.

Each principle is accompanied by guidelines that unpack steps to building a fairer practice. To achieve a strong level of fairness in the arts FRANK recommends a set of seven principles:

  • Fair Pay: Artists, irrespective of their employment classification, earn a decent income that is paid on time for all work completed.
  • Professional Recognition: Artists are recognised as professionals in their own right.
  • Transparency: Artists are engaged in a transparent, efficient and clear work relationship with institutions, organisations and other employers.
  • Accountability and Responsibility: Artists are engaged in a reliable and documented due process for decisions and outcomes.
  • Inclusiveness: Artists are provided a public platform with proactive measures that protect and promote artistic expression.
  • Equity: Artists are provided equal opportunities, irrespective of their socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and unique individual needs.
  • Conscientiousness: Artists are engaged in supportive and candid environments to deliver their work well and thoroughly.

FRANK Principles & Guidance supports  artists, and commissioning bodies (curators, art institutions, funding bodies, collectors, local councils, etc) in practising fairness and integrity when engages in a collaboration.

FRANK Conceptual Fair Pay Calculator​

FRANK Fair Pay Calculator is developed as a tool  to provide clarity and awareness to the working relationship between artists and commissioning bodies, with the goal to deviate from pre-assigned lump sums or non-existent fees for artists. 

FRANK approaches fair remuneration from a holistic perspective. FRANK Fair Pay Calculator takes artists and commissioning bodies through 10 stages of artistic involvement in a project, including Invitation, Pre-production, Production, Installation & Deinstallation, Communications & Marketing, Shipping & Packing, Debrief and Admin. From simple to complex loans, adaptation of existing works and new commissions, FRANK Fair Pay Calculator estimates a total number of days that an artist will require to complete an agreement with a commissioning body, accounting for the hours invested at each stage. In addition, FRANK Fair Pay Calculator provides a proportionate result of professional working days on an annual basis. 

FRANK Fair Pay Calculator, does not generate a day rate nor it does estimate a fee for the artist for the work required. Instead, the Calculator unpacks the stages of artistic labour and supports commissioning bodies and artists in negotiating a fair remuneration for the professionalism, labour and energy incurred in the collaboration. 

FRANK encourages artists and commissioning bodies to identify the artist fee in a transparent conversation. Both parties are expected to work together in assessing the levels of fairness in the remuneration for the work that is required. 

FRANK Artist Production Budget Template​

FRANK provides  an artist production budget template that outlines key areas of expenditure and income streams in a project. In addition, the Template can also be used in case of adaptation of existing works. 

FRANK x CAL Pre-Contractual Review​

FRANK worked in collaboration with founding-member Canvas Art Law (CAL) to develop an early stage document that unpacks a wide array of areas that needs to be discussed and negotiated in temporary contractual engagements with artists. 

FRANK x CAL Pre-Contractual Review is composed of yes or no, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions and charts delegation of roles with the aim to bring clarity to any collaboration. The Tool complies with sections of UK contracts and all findings can be transferred easily to the contractual stage of a collaboration.

FRANK X CAL Pre-Contractual Review is designed as a  live document where the Artist and the Commissioner can record their agreements as they progress in the collaboration.

FRANK x CAL Artwork Commission Agreement Checklist

FRANK worked in collaboration with founding-member Canvas Art Law (CAL) to develop a checklist to aid contractual stages of the collaboration between artists and commissioning bodies. 

FRANK x CAL Artwork Commission Agreement Checklist is designed to support artists and commissioning bodies in ensuring all areas are attended, discussed and covered in a contractual agreement. The Tool complies with UK contractual regulations and supports the process of signing contracts with further clarity and assurance.