is born out of a necessity to change the art system

and is named for speaking frankly

Lindsay Seers, No Money is Included, 2022 (video still). Courtesy the artist


FRANK Fair Artist Pay pioneers much needed change to fair practice and fair pay for artists in the UK through engaging with art organisations, funding bodies and commissioning agencies to reassess their current structures and methods in working with artists.

FRANK collaborates with artists, art organisations, funding bodies and commissioning agencies to employ methods and structures that are responsive to our transitioning society, and prioritises inclusive and intersectional working. FRANK challenges hierarchical structures and works towards aligning the arts community to meaningfully engage to better fair practice in the arts.

FRANK Values


FRANK will create a caring, supportive and accessible environment


FRANK is open and honest about our services, what we can or cannot do. 

FRANK innovates and strives for better as we push ourselves and our boundaries.

FRANK is non hierarchical and has an open door approach.


FRANK takes into account individual differences and views of all those involved, and includes them in our decision making

FRANK listens and values contributions from all members of our community – artists, organisations, galleries, funding bodies, commissioning agencies


FRANK ensures that everyone has a fair chance

FRANK values and respect the expertise and diversity of our community

FRANK takes responsibility and accountability for what we do, supporting each other to succeed


FRANK has the confidence in the capabilities and intentions of members of our community

FRANK respects the organisations, artists and people we work with and treat them as they want to be treated

Who is FRANK

FRANK is founded and cared for by artists Anne Hardy, Lindsay Seers and curator Fatos Ustek. As established practising artists and an active curator commissioning new work, FRANK directors aligned on the principle that unfair pay and unfair working conditions are no longer to be tolerated. 

They initiated FRANK in June 2021 with founding members Camden Arts Centre, Canvas Art Law, Contemporary Art Society, The Tetley and Contemporary Visual Arts Network to holistically expand fair practice in the arts. In June 2022, FRANK established itself as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). FRANK’s logo and corporate identity is designed by Federation.

Anne Hardy


Celina Loh

Project Manager

Fatos Ustek


Lindsay Seers


Mollie Barnes

Digital Communications Coordinator