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  • Fatoş Üstek on Curation & Publicness

    On episode five, host Toby Tobias Kidd is joined by international independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. Fatoş was the curator of Frieze Sculpture 2023, and has previously curated internationally across large-scale events, exhibitions, arts festivals, and biennials, as well as directing arts institutions and commissioning artists in the public realm. She has recently released…

  • Interview with Curator Fatoş Üstek

    A curator, writer and leading voice in contemporary art, Üstek has been commissioning in the public realm for over two decades and has worked on a number of large-scale biennials and festivals. She previously ran the Liverpool Biennial and The Roberts Institute of Art in the UK, was a judge for the Turner Prize 2020,…

  • Meet Fatos Üstek

    This week, Artsper had the opportunity to sit down with Fatos Üstek, the Turkish-born writer and curator whose innovative contemporary expertise has long been recognized on the international stage. Born in Turkey, Fatos is now based in London and has curated some of the world’s most prestigious exhibitions and biennials. We were delighted to hear…

  • How Not To Exclude Artist Mothers (And Other Parents)

    For too long, artists have been told that they can’t have both motherhood and a successful career. In this polemical volume, critic and campaigner Hettie Judah argues that a paradigm shift is needed within the art world to take account of the needs of artist mothers (and other parents: artist fathers, parents who don’t identify…

  • Open Source Artists’ Fair Pay

    Artists Lindsay Seers (Kent) and Rune Peitersen (Amsterdam) share their ongoing efforts to establish a fair benchmark for paying artists, continuing this series of one-to-one livestreams as part of our VisualiSE programme.

  • Artiq interview: Fatos Ustek

    For volume 2 of the Artiq Annual, Fatos Ustek speaks with Patric McCrae about the necessity for change and what we must do collectively to get there.

  • No Money is Included

    Lindsay Seers is a Kent-based artist and co-founder of a new alliance, Frank, which is calling for fair pay for artists. Her powerful film, ‘No Money is Included’, provides a personal perspective on this issue.

  • Artists Deserve Better Pay

    Fatoş Üstek on why we must drop the fantasy of the lone ‘genius’ – doing so would open up a path towards healthier working conditions in the arts.

  • Fair Work

    Ima-Abasi Okon, Falke Pisano and Fatoş Üstek respond to five set questions on the subject of ​‘Fair Work’.

  • FRANK Tools Launch

    FRANK Fair Artist Pay is excited to announce the launch of FRANK Tools, which are developed to support the UK arts ecology, including but not limited to artists, public art institutions, commercial galleries, funding bodies and creative practitioners. FRANK Fair Artist Pay is a not-for-profit community interest company that is set to change the mindset…